The personal needs and objectives of each student guide the methodology of Pilates Rita Moura®. The individualized training and the close relationship between teacher and client allow the latter to develop a deeper motor knowledge and awareness.

The prescription of the exercises is optimized, safe and effective. It leads to the evident increase of capacities such as strength, flexibility, coordination, rhythm and balance.

Each client’s personal needs leads us to the specific hierarchy of the movements in the sense of the evolution and body functionality.

Each class focuses the breathing mechanism and its influence over the movements. It stresses the muscular and flexibility work. It increases abdominal strength respecting the movement’s biomechanics. It values quality over quantity of action. Classes may present themselves as: Moderate forms of work (In cases of movement re-education); more or less challenging choreographed forms; intense classes in athletic style adapting specifically to any given sports.

Besides having a a special attention to muscular imbalances, each workout respects: the client’s different abilities; their health history; their posture. The teaching process is judicious. It leads the client to correctly execute the exercises through several devices. The specific equipment of the Pilates Method – Cadillac, Reformer, Combo Chair, Ladder Barrel, Springboard – with the springs’ assistance facilitates the appropriate muscular recruitment. Enriched with several portable accessories – Rollers, Magic Circles, Fitballs, Softballs, balance platforms, spinning discs amongst others. The harmony of these, facilitates the construction of an all-purpose training program.

These are the characteristics that are essential to the Pilates Rita Moura® methodology: It tones and stretches each muscle; it obtains a defined, strong and harmonious body; It promotes well being and bodily liveliness; it improves the sports practices; it facilitates every day tasks.