What to expect from Studio Classes?

With the supervision of an accredited teacher and as the training Schedule is being followed regularly, you will be surprised by new adaptations of the exercises that render the sessions more and more challenging. Since the care over each student’s skills and potential abilities is imperative, every student will evolve from the motor and postural stand point, as well as on the level of their skills: Strength, flexibility, coordination and agility.

Personalized equipment class.

  • A class with an individual take: After the initial assessment, a specific workout routine that answers to each student’s personal needs and objectives is created.
  • Making use of Pilate’s equipments, all the exercises coordinate in a balanced way and lead to a harmonious training sequence.

Class recommended for:

  • Anyone, regardless of age, physical condition and/or pathology.
  • All the beginners.

Choose Studio class to:

  • Become athletic, strong;
  • Improve physical abilities;
  • Improve performance at other sports;
  • Sculpt your body;
  • Reeducate the posture;
  • Accelerate a post-injury recovery;
  • Fight stress.

Rules and conditions:

  1. Specific workout routines for each client;
  2. Purchase any amount of classes at the beginning of each month (monthly value variable);
  3. Minimum amount of classes is 2 and there is no maximum amount;
  4. Purchased classes are only available on their month of purchase;
  5. Every class has to be previously appointed;
  6. Cancelation is possible up to 24 hours prior to the class.
  7. Should the class not get cancelled in due time, it will be accounted for;
  8. Flexible schedule;
  9. You might be accompanied by a maximum of 4 other people;
  10. Advised minimum weekly attendance: 2 to 3 times a week.