Small group class on Reformer and/or Cadillac with strong strength and flexibility component. Up to 5 students. Fitflex also makes use of different accessories such as fitballs, magic circles, bands, rolls, amongst others.

This option is for those with no injuries and also appreciate always different and diversified classes.

As the students don’t have an individual training plan, the class centers around and ever changing and specifically designed challenging choreography.

Each class explores and emphasizes:

  • Breathing;
  • Correct stabilization of the core;
  • Adequate movement patterns of the scapular and pelvic waist;
  • Flex, Extension and Rotation of the spine;
  • Deep abdominal work;
  • Flexibility;
  • Strength Training;
  • Body Alignment.

What to expect from FitFlex classes?

Full physical conditioning. Your body will be constantly surprised by new challenges that will promote the skeletal-muscular adaptation necessary to great physical form, increasing strength, flexibility and body conscience.

Full focus in yourself and subsequent mental relaxation (stress relief).

Rules and Conditions:

  • Monthly pay until the 8th of each month;
  • 2 classes a week;
  • Schedule organized at the beginning of the month;
  • Fixed Schedule;
  • 50 minute classes.


Any student without any experience should start with Studio classes.

The student is required to be familiarized with the equipment and resistance management.