What to expect from Matwork classes?

Complete physical conditioning. You will be constantly surprised by new challenges that will promote the musculoskeletal adaptation needed to achieve a proper physical form increasing strength, flexibility and bodily awareness. Complete focus in yourself and consequent stress relief.

  • Mat Group class with props: Fitball, Softball, Magic Circle, TheraBands, Dumbbells amongst others (max 10 students per class)
  • The class is structured to promote new movement patterns, a better physical condition and over all well-being.
  • Since there is no Equipment assistance, (like it occurs in Studio), the challenge is increased when the body is facing its own weight, developing strength and flexibility
  • A Class for clients without injuries or with a healthy spine, free of pathologies.

Each class explores and emphasizes:

  • Breathing;
  • Correct stabilization of the spine;
  • correct movement patterns of the shoulder girdle and the pelvis;
  • Spine articulation in flexion, extension and rotation;
  • Deep abdominal work;
  • Flexibility;
  • Strength;
  • Body alignment.

Rules and conditions:

  1. Twice a week;
  2. Schedule established at the beginning of the month;
  3. Fixed schedule for the duration of the month;
  4. Each class is limited to a finite amount of students so as to create the necessary conditions to the effective learning-teaching process that characterizes Pilates Rita Moura®’s monitoring.