What to expect of the COMBI options? (Mix of Matwork and Studio)

The Studio class allows to improve the performance in the Matwork class, facilitating the learning of the movements and promoting the usefulness of the class.
In Studio class the training schedule contemplates the base for Matwork as well as the most effective strategies to overcome proven difficulties.

Combi Options:

  • Combi 1 – Two classes/ week: 1 x Matwork + 1 x Studio a week
  • Combi 2 – Three classes/ week: 2 x Matwork + 1 x Studio a week
  • Combi 3 – Three classes/ week: 1 x Matwork + 2 x Studio
  • Encouraged to all those that can keep a fixed scheduled.

The Combi option allows to:

  • Have the personalized assistance in Studio
  • Enjoy the diversity of Matwork classes.

Rules and conditions:

  1. Two to three times a week;
  2. Scheduled established at the beginning of the month;
  3. Fixed schedule over the course of the month.